News- April 1, 2015: SCI Solutions CEO Joel French and Northeast Georgia Health System to Present at HIMSS15
Transforming the Way Healthcare Providers Deliver a Superior
Patient Experience and Accelerate Their Revenue Cycle.
Clients Discuss Benefits of Order Facilitator® “There was a wall built between physician offices and the hospital, and Order Facilitator enabled us to tear that wall down.” - Pamela Thompson, Onslow, Director PFS
Michelle Fox
Director of Patient Access & Revenue Operations, HealthFirst
"The SCI tools have helped us to increase our upfront collections. It was the easiest go-live I've been through."
Lesli Kennedy
McLeod Health, Associate Vice President, Case Management
"There are so many uses for the SCI products that reach far above and beyond outpatient scheduling. "

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The Revenue Cycle Begins with SCIEasy Connectivity