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A rewarding career
with a healthcare IT company

We're looking for the brightest minds in technology, business, development, healthcare and client support to join our mission to empower healthcare communities.

Our Culture

SCI’s culture is fast-paced and fun. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries, and intensely curious. The success of our teams is founded on our company values: No Jerks, Best People, Create and Return Value, and Passionate About Our Purpose.

Our Benefits

Competitive salaries, benefits, and compensation packages make SCI one of the best healthcare it companies in the industry to work. Here you can share, collaborate, and innovate each day, and training and mentoring opportunities abound. Rub shoulders with and be inspired by smart, fun, talented people and clients while working with more than 500+ hospitals nationwide in our primary regional offices in: Campbell, CA; Seattle, WA; Atlanta, GA and Tucson, AZ.

“Every day I am gifted with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of not only our clients, but the millions of patients they serve. I can’t think of anyplace I’d rather be – I love SCI.” 

Bernie Gay, Manager, Client Success

SCI Office Locations

“At SCI you are not just an employee, you’re a person. Your coworkers aren’t just other employees, they’re your friends. You’re not just a company, you’re a team. Everyone in the company is treated with equal importance and respect no matter what role they play. That’s the culture I’ve been looking for in a company and that’s the culture at SCI.” Mary Griffore, Authorization Specialist


SCI is hiring! Please visit our Jobs Center to see all openings and to apply online. We will review your resume and respond if we believe there is a good match.