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SCI Solutions is known for providing the highest level of services to our clients. From advanced planning to implementation to optimization, SCI works closely with each client to understand your unique workflow and to help determine how you can best leverage our healthcare IT services. Let our experts guide you through process decisions and workflow improvements that can accelerate revenue cycles, improve productivity, streamline scheduling, ordering, insurance authorizations, and pre-registration processes.

Our Healthcare IT Services

Insurance Processing and Authorization Services

Insurance processing requirements for obtaining authorizations often delay care and impede processes for scheduling eligible, financially-cleared patients. SCI Insurance Processing and Authorization Services streamline patient access workflows for insurance authorization, insurance validation and network checks.

These automated processes deliver accurate and complete authorizations directly within the SCI Provider Network Manager and Schedule Maximizer applications. The results: fewer denials, accelerated scheduling and referral workflows, increased referral capture rates, reduced administrative tasks, lower costs, and better overall patient access experiences.

With faster insurance processing, patients can be scheduled more quickly and efficiently. Referring providers appreciate the fast, transparent process. At the same time, patients receive the care they need sooner, without any financial surprises.

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Performance Optimization

Technology is only as good as the processes and people surrounding it. We understand that people often change and processes need to adapt to the times. SCI optimization services help your organization use SCI tools to their fullest potential. The result is higher productivity, sustainable efficiencies and greater volume capture.

Working with your teams and partners, our expert consultants will review and refine your current systems and processes, enhance SCI platform adoption by physician offices in your market, and help you get the most economic value out of your investments.

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“Complex patient screening procedures are integrated into the workflow."

Mary Godwin,
Patient Access Manager,
Baptist Healthcare

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