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Healthcare IT solutions that deliver true value, fast

SCI’s healthcare IT solutions are the most widely adopted platforms for helping provider networks and health systems capture the most economic value for their community relationships. Unlike traditional enterprise solutions, SCI optimizes your provider network processes for medical referrals, orders, scheduling, analytics, results, and revenue assurance — ensuring access to appropriate care, improved patient and physician satisfaction, and market growth.

With SCI you and your community partners are empowered to provide better patient access experiences while also improving financial outcomes. Our healthcare IT solutions are easy to learn, quick to set up, and require no “rip and replace” on existing systems. Your investment quickly pays for itself through fewer lost referrals and orders, reduced network leakage, and higher productivity. Learn more about how our healthcare IT solutions can help you realize the full value of your healthcare network.

Get the competitive advantage you need by becoming a referral destination of choice. Provider Network Manager is a solution to better connect and expand your reach to referring providers, grow outpatient volumes, streamline operations, and increase revenues. Processing more than 7 million orders and referrals each year, Provider Network Manager is the most trusted and widely used referral management platform in the industry.

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Reduce gaps in patient care and network leakage with the industry’s most advanced, SaaS-based Access Management healthcare scheduling software solution. Our powerful rules and workflows engine streamlines your health system’s complex patient and resource scheduling process, ensuring accurate and efficient care coordination. The result is boosted resource utilization, increased revenues, and enhanced patient and physician satisfaction.

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Los Alamitos Medical Center realized a 10.6% growth in scheduled procedures, and $960,000 in additional revenue in the first nine months.