Provider Network Manager & Healthcare Provider Network

increase referral volume and revenues

Managing the business of healthcare to grow margins and be competitive has never been more difficult. With the move toward fee-for-value reimbursement, becoming the referral destination of choice and delivering efficient care coordination are essential.

Provider Network Manager gives you the competitive advantage you need. It’s your community care business management solution — better connecting your ordering and referring providers, growing outpatient volumes, streamlining operations, and increasing revenues. The result: elevated patient and provider experiences and healthier bottom lines.


How Provider Network Manager can help you

Gain competitive advantage

SCI’s proven and easy-to-use tools help stop the flow of patients going out of network. Capture the economic value of your market and increase ‘stickiness’ with your patients and referring providers by offering the best patient access experience.

Increase revenue

Our solutions streamline scheduling and referral/order workflows to grow your outpatient volumes. Capture and protect your share of referral revenue. Accelerate reimbursements. Reduce denials and underpayments. And the best part? You’ll realize this value within 6-to-12 months.

Elevate experiences

When you stop asking your patients to be in charge of care coordination, the result is better care that leaves everyone smiling. SCI eliminates delays and gaps in care by removing manual and patient-dependent transitions of care. Patients are happier because you can deliver the fastest, most appropriate care. Physician offices and patient access teams enjoy the benefits of clean, necessary, authorized orders that reduce frustrating re-submittal requests and missed appointments.

5 Great Features of Provider Network Manager

1. Electronic Medical Referrals: Converts patient-dependent workflows into scheduled appointments and provides the best patient access experience for referring providers.

2. Automated Orders Management: Enables provider offices to quickly enter compliant, electronically-signed, online outpatient orders for instant delivery to the destination provider.

3. Tracking and Correspondence: Acts as a bi-directional communication platform to keep the referring office informed as to the status of an order (received, scheduled, registered, etc.).

4. Integrated Revenue Cycle Steps: Embeds revenue cycle checks in the process, including medical necessity checking and optional integrated Insurance Processing and Authorization Services to streamline workflows for insurance authorization, insurance validation and network checks.

5. EMR Order Integration: Accepts patient orders directly from a physician's EMR system to the hospital without any additional data entry.



“It takes less than two minutes for a physician office to order and schedule for their patients.” Pam Thompson, Director Patient Financial Services, Onslow Memorial Hospital

What Provider Network
Manager does

Order facilitator

Provider Network Manager allows you to initiate the revenue cycle at the earliest possible point to ensure proper reimbursement, including payer authorization. We automate outpatient orders from physician offices, as well as orders from hospitals to post-acute providers via web, EMR integration, and electronic fax. Everything is stored in one place. No more disparate system searches. No more lost orders. No more paper wrangling.

Referrals management

By facilitating and simplifying referral communication among employed and independent physician providers, we help you prevent out-of-network patient leakage and in turn increase revenue opportunities.

Results and report delivery

Our closed-loop communication platform enables your referring providers to receive patient test results, reports, and consults anytime, anywhere. Improved access to information allows physicians to provide prompt and appropriate follow up with patients or providers.

Actionable analytics

Intuitive dashboards help you understand critical community care business drivers, such as order volumes, physician referral patterns, and appointment scheduling efficiency. Use this intelligence to take quick action to address trends across your care network.

Insurance processing and authorization services

Optional automated processes can deliver accurate and complete authorizations directly within Provider Network Manager to accelerate order and referral workflows, reduce administrative tasks, lower operational cost, streamline appropriate payment, and enhance the patient access experience.

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