Data Sheet: SCI Schedule Maximizer
Author Laura Pieroni

SCI Schedule Maximizer is the industry's leading rules-based, enterprise patient scheduling platform. As expectations for patient access ease and convenience continue to be shaped by retail experiences, Schedule Maximizer gives hospitals and health systems the tools needed to compete effectively for volume in today's rapidly changing healthcare market. With SCI Smart Scheduling Technology as the foundation, patients can use the SCI GoSchedule application for mobile scheduling to book a wide range of services — from basic to advanced procedures — at the most convenient location. What's more, Schedule Maximizer enables robust care coordination with market-based scheduling services for large multi-location healthcare organizations and powerful "to-do list" management, so nothing leading up to a patient's arrival falls through the cracks. With Schedule Maximizer, health systems differentiate themselves with a trusted, branded virtual front door for anytime, anywhere access to care.

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