SCI applauds health systems as they adapt workflows for referrals, orders, scheduling and patient communication.

In this unprecedented crisis, SCI Solutions applauds our clients for everything they are doing on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent, contain and treat in communities nationwide. We are working alongside clients to leverage the SCI platform to facilitate workflows and patient communication as the situation continues to unfold. We will continue to add to the ideas and best practices listed below on a regular basis.

Client Best Practices


SCI Centralized Scheduling and Referral/Order Management applications lend themselves to enabling patient access team members to work remotely. Many SCI clients are implementing this approach to reduce the number of people inside their facilities as much as possible.


Patient Instructions as Reminders

Patient notifications from the Scheduling application can be configured to relay specific instructions, such as “Call first to confirm your appointment,” "Call to reschedule your elective procedure," or “Contact our COVID-19 hotline.” Client Support is helping clients update the verbiage in both voice and text reminders to meet this need.

Rebook and Cancel Reason Codes

Clients are creating new reason codes for cancellations and rebookings related to COVID-19 to enable accurate tracking and downstream reporting for appointments affected. 


Specific worklists can be configured to organize and track proactive calls to patients to reschedule elective services or schedule needed follow-up care.


Order Tags, Folders, Dashboards

Clients are using Tags in the Referral/Order Management application to organize workflows and track key information. For example, clients are tagging rescheduled/cancelled orders for follow-up and downstream reporting. In addition, clients are using this approach to track patients and staff who have been tested for COVID-19, their results, follow-up needed and by whom.

Order Questions and Justification

Clients are using Orders with Custom Questions in Order Facilitator to screen orders that qualify as necessary and allow providers to attach justification documentation. For those that are rejected, tags identify patients who need to be called and scheduled once the restriction is lifted.

“Order Facilitator has been incredibly helpful in managing multiple exposures, risk assessments, monitoring requirements and work restrictions. The architecture is malleable enough to allow us to be agile and make changes to meet new requirements."

Client Hospital, Washington State

SCI Resources

  • Contact Client Support or Client Management
  • Visit the Client Service Center (CSC)
  • Access How-To Videos in Online Help

Other COVID-19 Resources

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