Give Patients What They Want: Go Mobile

With GoSchedule, your patients can schedule appointments at their convenience with no downloads or pre-created accounts.

Offer a Wide Range of Procedures and Classes

New and returning patients can easily schedule what they need, while GoSchedule assures accuracy.

Acquire Patients Via Focused Outreach Campaigns

February is Heart Health Month. Match GoSchedule with your campaigns to increase scheduled visits and improve health outcomes.

The SCI GoSchedule™ application is a mobile, self-scheduling application that enables patients to easily book healthcare appointments online with their providers anytime, from any device — and there's nothing to download. Given that online appointment scheduling can make or break patient retention for 61 percent of patients, GoSchedule leverages SCI's enterprise healthcare scheduling solution, Schedule Maximizer®. It's proven Smart Scheduling technology guides patients step-by-step to accurately book real appointments for simple to advanced procedures and fill your real-time inventory of available time slots and resources.

Five Keys to an Outstanding Patient Scheduling Experience

5 Keys to an Outstanding Mobile Patient Scheduling Experience

Make Scheduling the Easy Call To Action for Patients

Health systems, hospitals and imaging centers can make GoSchedule an integral part of patient outreach and retention initiatives. And there's nothing for patients to download. Patients simply follow your URL link on their desktop, tablet or smartphone to access fast, convenient, mobile scheduling for the healthcare services they need. It makes booking an appointment the logical next step for patients in response to your outreach campaigns, such as breast cancer awareness and heart health. 

Patients can browse as a "guest" with minimal data requirements to check availability across multiple days, times and locations. Once they are ready to book an appointment, account setup is quick and easy. GoSchedule guides patients through a foolproof booking process as familiar as booking a flight to schedule anything from annual physicals and screening mammograms to colonoscopies and MRIs.  

This much-anticipated solution puts SCI’s patient access and engagement platform directly in patients’ hands to help health systems drive new and repeat business, optimize resource utilization, and reduce costs.

A Digital Patient Experience That Drives Loyalty

Today's consumers have high expectations for digital experiences and a healthcare provider's online presence is a critical selection factor for 88 percent of patients. GoSchedule promotes your organization's brand with a user interface that reflects your logo and color scheme, available from any internet-connected device. Consumers can easily browse your services and locations as a guest with minimal data input. Once they are ready to book an appointment, it's fast and convenient to set up and manage their account. 

You Control What Patients Schedule

Hospitals have complete control over which visits, procedures and classes can be offered for patient self-scheduling. SCI's Smart Scheduling technology assures accuracy with a guided process that as takes into account best available times, patient preferences, availability of necessary resources as well as customized, procedure-specific scheduling rules and preparation instructions. With this level of control, organizations can feel confident offering a wide range services through convenient self-scheduling.

Acquire Patients via Outreach Campaigns

Health systems can have multiple instances of GoSchedule to accommodate multiple brands, outreach campaigns and locations. When you launch an outreach campaign, patients can respond immediately by booking the appropriate screening, such as an annual mammogram, prostate screening or routine physical with a heart health evaluation. GoSchedule becomes an integral part of your outreach initiatives to acquire new patients and retain current patients.

Patients Book Actual Appointments

Instead of simply "requesting" an appointment that requires confirmation and booking by staff, patients use GoSchedule to book real appointments from your available inventory in real time. Once booked, patients receive appointment reminders and preparation instructions so they arrive on time and well-prepared for their appointment. The results are fewer costly no-shows and last minute reschedules. 

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