gain value fast with expert guidance

Our expert implementation and training teams will work with you, your teams and your provider offices to get outstanding returns within the first year.

Conventional vendor systems often require 12, 18 or 24 months to design, test, implement, and get users up to speed. Our solutions are housed in our secure operation centers and deploy in just months. Our solutions are easy to learn and use, making the switch for your teams easier. This allows you to quickly capture the economic value, realizing compelling returns that are sustainable. Our implementation and education specialist teams work closely with your clinically integrated network to help you realize these benefits quickly, smoothly, and seamlessly.

Complete compliance and security

SCI Solutions serves up fully compliant network connections by conforming to standard HL7 interfaces, and our secure SSAE Type 16 (SAS-70) operation centers make sure your data is protected at all times. We are compliant with HIPAA and ICD-10.

Seamless system integration

Our solutions easily integrate with financial and clinical health systems, including EHR and ADT integration, multiple HL7 options, document management integration, and DIRECT to create a clinically integrated network.

Comprehensive support

Using web collaboration tools and instructor-led courses, along with a client-specific, web-based service center, your teams will have ongoing access to the resources they need.

On-site training and resources

Prior to going live with your deployment, our team will conduct a rigorous on-site training for all your user teams to ensure that everyone is ready to utilize your SCI platforms to the fullest. In addition, our robust resource center offers a variety of content for your teams to learn new strategies and processes, as well as how others are succeeding. We also offer a clients-only, online service center that puts all system needs at your fingertips.

Full client support

Our client support teams are responsive and available to help you, your team, and your partners on an ongoing basis. Whenever you need help, we’ll be there to guide and instill confidence.

Physician support

A significant driver to success is the adoption of SCI’s tools by your physician community. We provide training and marketing materials that are specifically designed to increase engagement with our platform by your healthcare community partners.