Make it easy for new and returning patients to screen for conditions like Diabetes and COPD, self-schedule consultations, and engage in active self-care.

Leading health systems are leveraging patient self-care tools to attract new patients and retain current ones. Using educational self-assessments and helpful questionnaires, healthcare providers successfully increase patient engagement in their own care, which can lead to better clinical outcomes. The SCI DatStat Self-Care Management solution makes it easy and convenient for care teams to connect with patients like never before, opening a digital doorway to more accurate and complete data, better communication, more active patient engagement – and happier, healthier patients.

Improve Outreach and Engagement

Patients are interested in and are willing to complete informative, guided self-assessments for common conditions like Diabetes, Heart Disease and COPD. The self-assessment can take the form of an easy-to-follow questionnaire that not only educates about the condition, but also helps patients self-identify for follow-up. Adding fast, convenient self-scheduling at the end of the process lets patients immediately schedule a consultation with the appropriate provider.

For patients who are on an active care plan, for example, following hip or knee replacement surgery, convenient triggers can be delivered straight to common messaging channels, which makes frequent patient contact easier.


Patients use their own device, such as their smartphone or computer, to enter their self-care data and activities directly into the SCI DatStat Self-Care Management platform. By making it easy for patients to enter ePRO data directly, such as blood pressure, water intake, medications, etc., the information available to the care team is more accurate and more current.

In addition, smart workflow automation, auto-score ePROs, and EMR integration eliminate paper and manual data entry, leaving more time for the care team to focus on patient-facing activities.

Common use cases include: Post-surgery care plans for total hip and knee replacements; condition-specific self-care plans for Diabetes, COPD, Asthma, and more; plus ongoing treatment and medication adherence to improve patient outcomes.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Keep care teams and patients connected with post-care surveys, secure messaging, and personalized automatic email and SMS follow-ups.

Of keen interest to patients is secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging with their care team using their own smartphones. It makes ongoing communication fast and easy, for example, following a hip or knee replacement surgery, which can help patients stay on track with their care plan.

Patients feel secure knowing they are always connected to their care team with the mobile responsive SCI DatStat Self-Care Management solution that features the health system’s trusted logo and colors on any device, 24/7 – with no app to download.

Actively Monitor Patients

Easy visibility into key data helps care teams identify trends and gauge each patients’ responses to treatments or procedures, enabling them to assess how well patients are following their care plan. With automated workflows and EMR alerts, at-risk patients can be flagged and contacted more quickly with interventions to prevent hospitalizations and readmissions.

Track standardized ePRO activities (QoL, PHQ9, PROMIS, AQLQ, etc.) over time to understand patient status between visits and help care teams proactively coach patients toward better outcomes.