Patients expect appointment scheduling to be as convenient as booking a flight. Now you can offer a digital scheduling experience patients will love.

SCI Schedule Maximizer is the industry's leading rules-based, enterprise patient scheduling solution. Along with Patient Referrrals and Insurance Authorizations, it's an integral part of the SCI Digital Patient Engagement Platform. As expectations for patient access ease and convenience continue to be shaped by retail experiences, hospitals and health systems need the tools to compete effectively for volume in today's rapidly changing healthcare market. With SCI Smart Scheduling Technology as the foundation, patients can book a wide range of services — from basic to advanced procedures — at the most convenient location from any mobile or desktop device. What's more, Schedule Maximizer enables robust care coordination with market-based scheduling services for large multi-location healthcare organizations and powerful "to-do list" management, so nothing leading up to a patient's arrival falls through the cracks.

How Schedule Maximizer
Helps You

Streamline patient access

Create a virtual front door to your health system with centralized patient access that offers the convenience of mobile patient scheduling and intake that patients love. In addition, for large, multi-region health networks and community-based health systems alike, Schedule Maximizer fully automates the healthcare scheduling process for your patient access teams or central call center with robust electronic orders and referrals, integrated revenue cycle checks, and sophisticated rules-based scheduling. Bring your team together with one consolidated view across all scheduling activities and locations in your network. 

Increase volume and revenue

Stand out in your market and increase patient volumes with digital patient engagement. At the same time, increase collections and reduce denials by ensuring medical necessity is met, insurance is validated, and insurance authorizations and referrals are obtained prior to the scheduled appointment. And optimize your resource utilization across all locations and departments.

Elevate patient and provider experiences

Make access for patients and providers more convenient with centralized, health system-wide scheduling using Schedule Maximizer. Allow them to book the earliest appointment at the location of their choosing, anywhere in the health system. Eliminate the paper chase and time spent on the phone. And ensure patients are treated quickly and accurately.

5 Great Features of Schedule Maximizer

1. Consumer Self-Service: With the SCI Digital Patient Engagement Platform, confidently allow patients to self-schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments online any time 24/7 from any device.

2. Embedded Conditional Logic and Rules: Smart Scheduling Technology expertly guides schedulers, referring providers or patients through even the most complex scheduling process for any service to assure correct scheduling every time.

3. Electronic "To Do" Lists or Worklists: Ensure that nothing falls through the cracks — from providing an interpreter to patient prep instructions to insurance authorization — leading up to the patient's arrival for their scheduled appointment.

4. Appointment Reminders: Reduce no-shows with automatic patient reminders via voice, text, letter and/or email, based on patient preferences.

5. Front-End Revenue Cycle Management: Increase collections while reducing denials and write-offs with account management, pre-registration, medical necessity checking, insurance validation, and integrated Insurance Processing and Authorization Services.

Centralize Patient Access

Patient Access Diagram

What makes Schedule Maximizer a market leader?

Powerful rules, workflows, and analytics 

Our industry-leading, embedded rules and workflows engine expertly guides schedulers (as well as patients and referring provider practices) through scheduling for any service, no matter how complex. Prompts ensure scheduling is completed correctly and efficiently according to the clinical and operational requirements of your providers, payers, departments, and facilities. Intuitive worklists ensure that all tasks are completed prior to a scheduled appointment and nothing falls through the cracks. And first, second, and third next-available appointment analytics gives you immediate visibility into scheduling efficiency to optimize access without creating excess system capacity.

Cloud-based, EHR-agnostic solution

Schedule Maximizer is the industry’s first and most powerful cloud-based, enterprise healthcare scheduling platform. Further, the SCI technology platform connects health systems with both owned and independent providers, regardless of disparate EHR systems — all without burdening IT staff or adding to capital budgets. It's a fast, low-risk way to present a unified brand to your market.

Robust patient scheduling options

A highly flexible tool, Schedule Maximizer adapts to centralized, decentralized, or hybrid patient access models in large or small, for-profit and not-for-profit health systems. Centralized patient scheduling improves efficiency, offers patients and provider offices one number to call, and accelerates your revenue cycle. And with Digital Patient Engagement, patients and referring provider offices gain convenient 24/7 access, while improving patient engagement as well as your health system’s productivity.

Automated communications

Schedule Maximizer improves efficiency and reduces patient no-shows with automated reminders. Take patient preferences into account with voice, text, letter, and email options. Also enjoy the ability to remind patients to schedule reoccurring appointments and to contact a physician to reschedule a missed appointment.

Insurance processing and authorization services

Automated processes deliver accurate and complete insurance authorizations directly within Schedule Maximizer to accelerate the care process, lower operational costs, avoid denials and last-minute reschedules, streamline appropriate payment, and enhance the patient access experience.

Proven implementation and education processes

Get up to speed quickly with full implementation and education services designed to help you and your team achieve benefits as quickly as possible. 

“I wanted a seamless system where we can schedule, collect, check insurance, financially counsel, and send an appointment reminder — anything we needed to do before the patient’s service with one call.”

Michelle Fox, Director Patient Access, Health First


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